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Royston Tester

Great to see this blog, Rick. Terrific idea...'from the Deanery' --- and am now following it via Facebook. I'm faculty in the Language Studies department ........with a big passion for Mohawk's offshore operations in China. Below is a link to the website I started for the benefit of our staff and students thinking of working/studying in China........and for those Chinese in China wishing to see how we in Canada look at the culture of the Middle Kingdom. This site is in "test" mode right I get some updates and revisions made. But at least you'll see how it's panning out. Would enjoy discussing Mohawk/China with you as soon your schedule allows. Very best, Roy

Here's the link (cut and paste):

Audie McCarthy


Congratulations on getting your blog going. It was fun getting to know you more through your stories.
I too have a chestnut story although not quite as adventurous. I grew up in Stoney Creek (still there) and when we were young our parents took us to Lake Ave for walks - at the time the street was lined with chestnut trees and my sister & I used to collect them, bring them home & pretend they were our "students" as we played school. Who knew I would end up facilitating sessions for the employees of Mohawk College!
If you are looking for ideas to make Mohawk a better place, I have been collecting tons of ideas via Simply the Best. The plan is to share with everyone and I look forward to starting that process soon.
Keep blogging!


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